About UniqueChic Furniture

Everything That You Could Want To Know About Us… And More….

Who Are UniqueChic?

UniqueChic is a family run company in Nottingham. Our delightful company offices are based on the Banks Of The River Trent. Here we are very close to Nottingham County Football Club and our neighbours are Nottingham Forest Football Club.
We have stunning views of the beautiful River and the ducks although it does get quite hairy when it rains. Which is quite a lot in Nottingham.
UniqueChic has two Directors, Emma and Mark and employ in excess of 20 staff in our Offices, Warehouses and Logistics throughout the country.
UniqueChic was formed in 2008 and was a Partnership and became a limited company in November 2011, our Company Registration number is 07434990.

What Does UniqueChic Do?
UniqueChic are an online business and we sell Furniture, Mirrors and Lighting on our websites. On our ebay store we have a selection of Home Accessories.
Our main business is Shabby Chic and Country Style Furniture. We deliver over 500 items each week, throughout the UK and beyond. Inbetween selling and promoting our items, we regularly source new products and trends by attending trade fairs throughout the World.

So Are UniqueChic Just Like Any Other Furniture Company?
We try not to be. In fact to be honest, no we are not the same as any other furniture company.

We describe our products the best we possibly can, have clear images with zoom feature. We can answer any questions at all. With Pleasure. Want to know how tall that bedside inside drawer is? Contact Us! Want to know if our furniture will match your furniture that you have had for years and bought elsewhere? Just Contact Us! And we will help you! Anything and everything we can find the answer out for you if we don’t know. We won’t know if it going to Sun shining on April 24th for cousin Jonny’s wedding, but anything furniture related we have the answers…

You can contact us. Anytime. Via email of course or via telephone, which is our preferred method.
We are finding that many Furniture Internet Companies are no longer accepting telephone calls and don’t even have a contact number. This is just mad. In our view. They want you to spend a few hundred pounds with them.. maybe even a few thousand pounds… and you can’t actually speak with anyone about your order? OK so email has it purposes, but there is nothing better than speaking with someone and confirming your order, booking in delivery and answering any queries that you may have.
If you like, you can have a dedicated Sales Person to deal with your order from start to finish.

Safe and Secure Delivery With UniqueChic. Logistics is a tricky matter, especially with furniture. Sounds Mad, but true.  Furniture needs to be delivered with a designated furniture delivery company who takes care with goods. Normal couriers are not the answer in the case. They would stack your furniture on vans without a thought of being careful, they strive for quickness and this is not the best way. Believe me. We carry out deliveries with Specialised Furniture Couriers who are fully insured and will take time and care with your furniture. Consider this, you have been waiting 10 days for your bed and you have taken your old bed down and chucked it. Your new bed arrives damaged, missing parts. You have no bed, whilst you wait for a replacement. How annoying would that be? Plus an unpleasant experience sleeping on your floor.
99.9% of our deliveries happen on the day when they should,delivered in perfect order with our Specialised Logistics Company.
We are not saying that 100%. Yet. But we shall be.

Worried About Us Doing A Runner With Your Money?
Of course you have every reason to be worried about this. With any company nowdays. OK, we need to reassure  you.. we can do this here, but also if you have issues at all just give us a call 0115 9869222
We have been trading since 2008 and have grown our business each year. Not just turnover wise but employing and investing in staff and have no intention of going anywhere. Now we realise that every company says this, as who does plan to go bust?
However we have seen furniture companies come and go very quickly and without giving a lecture of how to run a furniture business we have a few basic principles, that will see UnqiueChic here and trading forever.

When you are ready and made your decision which beautiful furniture you wish to purchase, we advise you to call or email us.
We shall take all your details, including Name, Address, Contact Numbers and method of payment.
However, we do not take any payment until the furniture is ready to leave our warehouse and ready for delivery. I will repeat this in bold, WE DO NOT TAKE ANY PAYMENT UNTIL THE FURNITURE IS READY TO LEAVE OUR WAREHOUSE AND READY FOR DELIVERY.
We hear horror stories all the time of companies that have kept customer monies for months on end and still not delivered their orders.
Why would companies do this?
I can share with you why!
They would take your money, spend it .. and then they have to wait for the next lot of advanced orders to come through to pay for yours!
So if they had a quiet month or never caught up with the monies from the orders that they have spent, you would be delayed for months on end before you actually received your order. Or never receive order.

We operate a very simple business plan.
You place your order.
We place your order with our suppliers.
Your order is ready.
You pay for your order.
We pay our suppliers.
We deliver your furniture as soon as possible.

On some orders that are bespoke and Made to your specifications, we will request 50% deposit. This is exactly the same amount that our suppliers request from us. You would then pay the remainer when it was ready to be dispatch.

If you place your order within our website and your item is made to order or there is a delay, we will call you and offer a refund whilst you wait for your delivery.

So Why Haven’t UniqueChic Got A Showroom?
Well we tried this. Twice. For our returning customers, you will know that we had a store on Westdale Lane, Carlton, Nottingham in 2008 till 2009 and then at the very lovely Flying Horse Walk, In Nottingham City Centre. I love my little shops I really did. However that was one of the problems. They were little. Well not small, small as in tiny, Just small. But we sell over 3000 products and there was no way in the world that we could fit all our products in the shops. Although anyone that did come and see us, will confirm that I did try and fit everything in. They were packed to the rafters with stock. But not every single line was displayed.
The internet gives us the chance to showcase everything in one place. We are able to sell so many more products without space restrictions.
The internet also helps our customers, for we are able to offer lower prices as the customers are not helping to pay for our rates/ rents and  showroom stock so we can be quite competitive with prices.

We have no plans at present to open a showroom, everything we do have is online, however we are able to source additional items for you, if you would like to contact us with your requirements and we can see what we can do for you.

Who Are UniqueChic Suppliers?
Now then. That would be telling. We use a large selection of UK based suppliers, they have been chosen for quality, product choice, prices and customer demands. Each supplier have been tried and tested before we let any customers purchase and showcase their products on our website. We have a huge range of furniture for all budgets from the very inexpensive to medium pricing to the down right expensive life time purchase.
We hope that we have every customer’s wish list covered and more lines are introduced each week.
We are able to produce bespoke  furniture in some ranges, you are able to change the colour, sizes and design for a small charge, please call us to find out which ranges this service applies to.
As well as our UK based suppliers, we do have a few International Suppliers, and when you order, we shall advise you of this and the delivery time, usually around 2-4 weeks for some items.

Have We Covered Everything?
I hope we have, but if not, just give us a call 0115 9869222 OR EMAIL US info@uniquechicfurniture.co.uk


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